Why Alpha System is good for your kid?

Why Alpha System is good for your kid?

Being a kid growing up can be though, most of the kids have a good life with everything they need and or want. But for some children life can be hell, bad family relationships, problems at school, and so on… they can all have a significant influence on what kind of adults they will become later one in life.

Confidence Building

One thing can stop quite a lot of issues these kids could have and that is getting there self confidence up! We offer a warm place for them to train, with a lot of fun added into that. By learning to work togheter in different situations they become closer to each other and also learn to have respect for each other.

Anti Bullying

They also learn to stand up to bullies. Bullies can destroy a kids future, So we learn our kids to talk and certainly to fight. A lot of schools and parents do not have to right tools or better said ideas to adapt to these things playing out. So we try no to create victims but strong individuals who have to skills to stand up to these bullies and become more stronger and succesfull people later in life.

You can talk for a long time, and while we do not promote violence, sometimes it is the only answer. Punching the bully is the nose, might be a quicker solution than talking for four hours, to someone who does not have the skills or intelligence to have a real conversation.

We teach our kids to differentiate the levels of treath. And act accordingly. Some people can be stopped by even the slightest thing like changing your body language. Some need a good talking too and others need to be taken out. We teach them to use their head first, and their skills later on in a conflict.

With the world becoming an increasingly more dangerous place, enlist your child now in our Alpha System Kids Academy and start making them street ready and more confident now!

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