Kids Academy

Kids Academy

Being a kid growing up can be though, most of the kids have a good life with everything they need and or want. But for some children life can be hell, bad family relationships, problems at school, and so on… they can all have a significant influence on what kind of adults they will become later one in life.

We offer a warm place for them, with a lot of fun added. By learning to work togheter in different situations they become closer and also learn to have respect for each other.  They also learn to stand up to bullying. We try no to create victims but strong individuals who have to skills to stand up to these bullies and become more stronger and succesfull people later in life.

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:
  • Anti Bully Training
  • Confidence Building
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Boxing
  • Kicking
  • Ground Fighting
  • Throwing
  • Joint-Locks

Classes Pricing:

  • 1 – 12 sessions per month     €25.00


Tom has always had a keen interest in the world of martial arts… Starting with Taekwondo and Freefight Kempo, finishing with Bujutsu and Defence Lab, he’s been practicing this or another kind of Martial Arts for over 20 years. Eventually, Tom decided to create his own style of self defence, Alpha System Self Defence & Street Safety. As the founder of the system he keeps pushing himself and his students to a higher lvl of confidence and athletic strength, making this a style available for everyone…
Reasons that make people sign up for a martial arts class can vary
Maybe you want to learn a few self-defense tricks, living in such a hectic time as now?

See the Pictures our Instructors & Students Have Taken During the Recent Classes…